Monday, July 14, 2014

Promo: Gaza In The Eyes Of Beholder


Couple of friend do ask me, whether I will write again or not, don't know what to say... huh! seems like I am losing writing skill already.

Thus master thesis had rip my writing mode, but there are a lot more reason to add on, besides to put blame on  master thesis is merely like a 'classy' excuse.

Not going to mumbling around furthermore, just to drop-by news of my newly add bloglist, Omar Graeib of Palestine. I found it so interesting and informative too, hope we can update the news from our brothers in midst of mid east war torn location. as an alternative way of media that been fund or organized by zionis-jew conglomerate.  
 the link is

...see you soon (after I find my writing skill again) don't ask me when it could be.

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