Tuesday, December 22, 2009

End of season

Some people much awaited their season break so much until their forgotten that every season must come to its end somehow. It is very tough thou.. To see all my children packing their stuff and sum-up their days left in Shah Alam. I might end as a sentimentalist here, hey! but that was true.. sometimes the systems that weve created are killing us .. softenly it did. Like mine.. as one of those inside the government body, we had sacrifice a lot, becoming yes man ...literally obidient. But what do we get? Of course a monthly pay check.. but is it worth for me to be aparted from the warmth of my childrens hugging?


  1. haloh haloh comeinye adik yg kecik tu

  2. Salam Abu Razeen,

    Jangan la sentimental sangat... Rank comes with responsibilities... :) U should be thankful to Allah, coz, as compared to us, we still in the same rank but with greater and bigger responsibilities.. huwaaaaa...

  3. that was the price of being steadfast and solemnly servant..I'm been greatful every second. anyway deary hunny, still dream'n porsche and harrier? or you can find someone who owned porsche and harrier.'sigh'